Why do I need a device and service like you provide?
If you want to take back control of what your kids experience on the internet, this solution will help you do this. If you are concerned about online threats and risk to the internet-connected devices in your network, this solution can provide outstanding protection.

Why are you providing this service?
As a security professional, I continue to see home users and their devices preyed upon by attackers. They use your devices for email spamming campaigns, denial of service attacks on other companies, or even hold your data hostage using encryption until you pay their ransom. I want to bring my enterprise security knowledge to help families better protect their devices online and make it increasingly harder for these attackers to achieve their objective, whatever that might be. I’m also passionate about keeping kids safe on the internet by restricting them from viewing online content that is inappropriate for their age, and ensuring they stay off online platforms that are risky for their age group. Kids are smart.  They’ve found ways around content filters on school devices, their phones, etc. Our solution blocks this type of traffic and we can let you know if they may be trying to subvert your protection measures for them.

I am very technically savvy.  Can I just buy the device from you and host my own security appliance?
Absolutely, our devices are for sale without a subscription.  That’s why we offer our E.R.I.I.C. Stand-Alone offering.

My Wi-Fi router provides family filtering.  Isn’t that enough?
Typically, these content filters are very easy to bypass with Virtual Private Network (VPN) software freely available off the internet.

What about programs that you install on the actual device for content filtering?
These applications work well but don’t cover all platforms. For example, if you have an Oculus Quest or a Nintendo Switch you cannot use these applications to filter content on these platforms.

If you are monitoring for intrusions, will you see my banking info?
No, the type of data we are collecting to detect intrusions are things like IP addresses and ports. This is much different than capturing the whole network packet that would contain banking information. In fact, our device doesn’t do what’s called SSL inspection, meaning we don’t decrypt traffic at all.

I like the concept but a monthly payment seems unreasonable. Why should I pay for this?
If you consider that alarm companies for your house charge around $50 per month, this service is pretty reasonable considering it protects the digital assets in your home.  Also, if you are using 3rd party antivirus, you might be paying the same amount just to protect your PCs and mobile devices. What about the internet connected devices that can’t run these antivirus programs (thermostats, smart appliances, etc)? We protect those too.

I read about hackers taking over security cameras and other smart devices.  Is this true?  Can you protect these?
Yes.  Since E.R.I.I.C. controls and protects the internet traffic in and out of your home, we can protect those devices too.  With E.R.I.I.C. Premium, if someone brings a device into your home that is already compromised and uses your home network, we can detect this and notify you.

Do your employees use these devices to protect their home internet?
Yes. We all use these devices; in fact, that is what led to founding of this company. After paying big label firewall companies $500+ a year just in subscription fees (hardware is extra and near useless without their subscription), we decided we could provide better protection for less than half the usual cost.

Do things like TV devices, Amazon Alexa, and smart home tech work with your solution in place?
Yes.  Devices in this space are growing rapidly.  If you experience an issue with one of these types of devices and you are an E.R.I.I.C Premium customer, we’ll work with you to figure out the issue and resolve it.