Our Mission

Delivering corporate cybersecurity best practices and solutions to protect homes and small businesses.

Our mission is clear.  We want to use our knowledge and experience in cybersecurity to help protect families and small businesses from online threats.  Everyone should have the freedom to use internet-connected devices without fear of having their privacy, finances, and personal data compromised by those who choose to use the internet for illegal activity and personal gain.

At IronSpire Security, we believe that while larger corporations have improved their ability to protect, detect, and respond to increasingly sophisticated attackers, home users and small businesses have not been given the same opportunity to defend themselves.  We have solutions and skill sets to help you achieve this same level of protection.

We also have to help our kids use the internet responsibly by protecting them from these attackers, online predators, and malicious software.  This also includes limiting what they can access on their internet-connected devices so they use apps and websites that you feel are appropriate for their age during hours you control.

Thank you for your business.  We look forward to working with you!

Our People


Jake Mowrer – Founder and President

Jake has worked various roles in technology for the last 23 years. For the last 6 years he has focused on cybersecurity to help large companies implement security tools and processes so they can protect, detect and respond to cyber threats. Jake regularly speaks at IT conferences and is passionate about sharing knowledge with others and is a strong advocate for growth mindset.